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Overcome the barriers that are preventing your organization from reaching its goals. Get Executive Capacity support for Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Programming, Culture, and more.


Make the vision of your life a reality with personal coaching to overcome any barrier!

Youth Coaching

Our girls are facing our same grown up world challenges. Give them tools they can use so nothing holds them back. Individual and small group coaching and self-paces courses available. 

Breakthrough Solutions

Step into your powers. Realize your dreams. Create a plan for breakthrough outcomes so you can finally live the life you want. 

Executive Capacity Coaching

Ideal for executives and leaders who need support through transitions, strategic planning, fundraising, or program development. 

Non-profit & Business Solutions

Take your company to the next level with a customized action plan for success. Ideal for Boards or teams seeking growth or stuck in a rut. 

What Is Center Stage Solutions?

Your partner for overcoming barriers, challenges, and problems that are preventing women, girls, and female executives from reaching their dreams and living their best lives. 

Who Is This For?

Women. Girls. Executives. Young Professionals. Leaders. Dreamers.

What is The Process Like?

We will meet together to identify clearly what problem you are facing and what you truly want. Then, through a collaborative process, we will create an action plan for you to overcome the barriers and find success!

1. What is the problem?

Awareness if the first step. We’ll clearly identify the problem and the influences from yourself, other, and your environment that are affecting the issue.

2. What do you want?

What do you really want? Sometimes this question is hard to answer, but we’ll focus down on what you truly want to see happen.

3. What are you currently doing?

This is the turnaround point. You’ll figure out what you are doing emotionally and physically that supports your success or compounds the problems.

4. What are the barriers?

We’ll clarify all the perceived barriers standing in the way of getting you what you want, and then, together we’ll tackle them.

5. Do you have an action plan for success?

Here’s the fun part! You will create an action plan with solutions to ensure your success, and give you the tools to step into your center stage! 

Collaborative Problem-Solving Solutions

Problem Solving Session

Meet 1:1 with Cori to discuss one specific problem troubling your organization, career, or personal life.  Leave the 1.5 hour session with an action plan and confidence to eliminate the barriers and achieve your goals.

2 Week Problem Solving Plan

Partner with Cori to tackle a larger-scale problem. Over the course of two weeks, and three 1.5-hour sessions, identify the barriers, create an action plan, build leadership and confidence skills, and experience success.

4 Week Strategy Solution

Find guaranteed success with this strategy solution. Over four weeks, gain the skills, confidence, and mindset needed to form new practices in your organization or life.

About Cori

Cori Solomon Santone is a dreamer with unshakeable optimism and passion for living life to its fullest. She is the founder of Center Stage Solutions, a consulting/coaching firm dedicated to supporting executives, women, and youth overcome barriers that stand in the way of achieving the life, results, and relationships they truly want. She uses her unique skill set, intuition, and humor to guide others through a collaborative problem-solving process that has allowed thousands to achieve success and take center stage.

Her expertise comes from twenty-three years of successful leadership roles in the nonprofit, education, business, and arts sectors where she’s served as a regional nonprofit arts ed organization CEO/CFO, charter school founder, residential camp director, sales director, certified teacher, and school administrator. Cori has raised millions of dollars, launched dozens of programs, and changed the lives of thousands of people. Her involvement in the performing and fine arts, and influential teachers and mentors have played an important role in her life.


“Cori is a master of collaborative problem-solving and partnered with me to overcome the barriers that were preventing me from living my best life. Without her unique skill set, empathy, and devotion to my success, I might still be hiding behind the barriers I had created for myself. Instead, I take center stage.”

Jennie Q.

“Cori’s insight as an executive to connect the dots and find brilliant solutions is unmatched! She guided me as a new Executive Director to produce results I couldn’t have dreamed of without her! ”  

Julia S.

Executive Director

“Cori is simply amazing. You won’t regret the investment of her time to help you overcome the barriers in your life.”

Darci G.

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